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aanalytical Engine Interactive is a User Experience Design, Content Strategy, and Business Analysis Consultancy. We have over 10 years experience designing engaging digital products like websites, serious games, intranets, and public education campaigns. We work primarily in the Education and Not-For-Profit sectors, and we specialize in usable responsive design, strategic content, online communities of practice, and open source content management frameworks.

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The Analytical Engine Team

The Analytical Engine Team

Analytical Engine Interactive is an almost-fully-virtual User Experience and Web Design Consultancy.  We keep overhead low by working with a small core team and bringing additional talent on board as projects demand.

Christine McGlade
Christine McGlade
Senior Partner

Christine has been working in design, strategy, and digital product development since 2006 and in communications & media since 1991.  Christine is a seasoned speaker and facilitator who has delivered talks and workshops on New Media Communications, Content Marketing, and Design Thinking, and she’s a part time instructor at Centennial College in Toronto.  Academics matter: she holds a Bachelor of Fine Art in Integrated Media and is currently completing a Masters of Design in Strategic Foresight and Innovation.

Raphael Lopoukhine
Raphael Lopoukhine
Digital Communications Specialist

With a background in journalism, Raph takes the lead on competitive analyses, mining Google analytics for insights, interviewing stakeholder and users, wire framing, and he’s not a bad designer.  Raph is brushing up on his front end coding skills these days, and his academics are good too: he’s got a BA in history from Queens University specializing in environmental history and a graduate journalism degree from the University of British Columbia.

Jem Rosario
Jem Rosario
UX Specialist

Jem specializes in building insightful, creative, and usable digital experiences: Jem is relentless when it comes to representing the voice of the user.  Whether it’s content auditing, site mapping, wire framing, or user testing, Jem is on a mission to keep himself at the top of his game when it comes to User Experience. Jem holds a degree in Philosophy and New Media from U of T, and a comms degree from Ateneo de Manila University.

Susanna Celso
Susanna Celso
Front End Coder

Susanna has been configuring & theming Drupal websites since January 2007 and working with HTML, CSS, graphic creation/editing, writing for the web, proofreading, and image processing since 1999.  She does all of our front end design and coding, and while she tolerates the WordPress we throw her way, she is one of the few people who can honestly say, she prefers Drupal.  Susanna has her Bachelor’s degree in Theological Studies.

Aditi Bhatia
Aditi Bhatia
UX Specialist

Aditi is our newest UX specialist; an interaction design enthusiast who just completed her Master of Digital Media at Ryerson University (2015). Aditi is a persona author extraordinaire, she is multi-lingual, and before doing her Masters she got her BA in New Media and Studio Art at U of T.

Quinn McGlade-Ferentzy
Quinn McGlade-Ferentzy
Research and Business Development

Quinn helps keep the business on track.  She is the chief proposal-writer and one of the few people on the team who know exactly what a “Merx” is.  Quinn is the one who edits the jargon out of our writing, and makes sure there are always new projects on the horizon.  Quinn has a BA in philosophy from Trent U.

Allison Pan
Allison Pan
UX and Design Intern

Allison is joining us for the summer as our UX and Design intern: Allison has expertise in making cool games in Unity and is super speedy when it comes to writing front end code.  Allison is working towards her Bachelor of Arts in New Media Studies at UT Scarborough.

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Design Thinking means asking "why?" until we discover
the core problem



We take a Design Thinking approach to digital business planning.  Design Thinking starts with empathy for your user, and a discovery process that uncovers where your business goals and user needs meet.


Whether it is Content Marketing or Digital Product Development, user experience design principles provide the structure within which we determine solutions that users will love, and will use.


Training, workshops, or hosting and technical support: we never walk away from a project until we have transferred knowledge.  We can help build your digital teams and generate engagement and buy in, so that you can tap into your most valuable resource in telling your organization’s story: your employees.

ccontent Strategy is no longer optional for public service organizations, educational institutions, or businesses. It is essential.  And there is an expectation among users and customers that they will have the same experience with your brand whether they encounter you in email, on a website, in social media, or on their phone.  Content Strategy means consistency in communications, across platforms and devices.

wwe bring expertise in every facet of your digital product development, whether a website, app, or intranet.  From strategic planning to clarify your business model and brand identity, to content strategy that outlines how you will maintain consistency in communications, to operationalising the vision internally by training you or your staff, we can help.

Areas of Expertise

Content Strategy

Content Strategy is a plan that maintains consistency in your brand expression across all communications channels.  Learn more about Content Strategy.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a way of approaching business problems from the outside-in.  Design Thinking is the foundation of all of the work we do, whether it be strategic business planning or Website Design and Redesign.


As an instructor at Centennial College and an experienced trainer, I have a strong belief in lifelong learning.  It’s never too late-or too early-to learn, especially when it comes to technology and the internet.


From Open Space-style facilitations of large groups, to user testing, to focus groups, we have experience in guiding groups towards consensus and solution.

Strategic Planning

We have experience helping brands find their “Blue Ocean” whether it is in the area of business model planning or content strategy.


Working with educators to bring their research to life is an area of passion and specialization.


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I am always available to answer questions about any of my services or even anything you’ve always wondered about the internet, social media, or content strategy but didn’t know who to ask.  Ask me!

“If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on the solution, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the proper question to ask” — Albert Einstein

Case Studies

Case Studies

Key projects that illustrate results


The Marketing Rebellion Podcast

Content Marketing · Education

The internet has given anyone with a connection access to the largest publishing platform

Savings by Design

Enbridge Gas Distribution: Savings By Design Interactive Kiosk

Apps and Games · User Experience Design

Enbridge was looking for a way to make a splash at Construction Industry trade

CODE website design

OSLP: Online Community of Best Practices

Content Strategy · Education · User Experience Design · Website Design

The Council of Directors will be, for the first time, rolling out an Ontario


Photographers Without Borders: Workshop Leader


Photographers without Borders approached us to deliver simple communications workshops to their staff, but

Kano Model of Functionalities

Kano Modeling in Action

User Experience Design

The Association of Community Legal Clinics in Ontario is a geographically distributed group of


Camp to Benefit Wellspring

Website Design · Workshops

Health and Fitness Events were a tradition when it came to fundraising for Wellspring


Owlkids Canada

Content Strategy · User Experience Design · Website Design

Owl Kids Canada faced a critical communications challenge: declining readership in a stuttering magazine


Content Strategy · Strategic Planning · Website Design · Workshops

 The redesign of the website was a multi-year, inter departmental project.  The project


Content Marketing · Content Strategy · Strategic Planning · Website Design

TVO faced a challenge when it came to promoting their educational children’s media: they


Loopy Logic: Learning Binary

Apps and Games · Education · In Development

Learning Binary is a simple math and patterning game for children ages 5-7.  By

The Agenda


Facilitation · Strategic Planning · User Experience Design

Agendacamp was a multiyear, multi community initiative that endeavoured to engage communities across the

MHHR mockup

Enbridge Gas Distribution: My Home Health Record

Content Marketing · Education · User Experience Design · Website Design

Enbridge Gas Distribution came to us with a challenge: consumers could not find trusted,


Elyse Friedman

Website Design

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No Image

Usability, Accessibility, and Process Audit

The Association of Community Legal Clinics in Ontario is a geographically distributed group of legal clinics that address issues of poverty, homelessness, and employment equity to represent the most vulnerable members of our society in policy making. They need to …

No Image

South by Southwest 2016: Help Me Get There

Conferences are the new way that ideas get out there: they don’t just get disseminated, they get discussed, morphed, changed.  They grow, evolve, and get better.  There are two areas that I feel passionately about and I want to talk …

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