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aanalytical Engine is an Innovation and Digital Service Design Consultancy. We have over 14 years experience engaging organizations in a design thinking process that includes business model design, digital product design, development of communities of practice, and organizational culture change. The organizations we work with are grappling with the complexity and speed of technological change and its impact on strategy, operations, and the necessity to innovate their business models.  We work with social enterprise, public sector and charitable organizations motivated by social innovation and positive changemaking.

Design Thinking
Strategic Foresight
Technological Change & Complexity
Coaching & Training

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The Team

Analytical Engine is an Innovation Design Consultancy.  We keep overhead low by working with a small core team and bringing additional subject matter experts on board as projects demand.

Core Consulting Partners

Christine McGlade
Christine McGlade
Senior Partner

Christine has been working in design, strategy, and digital business development since 2006 and in communications & media technologies since 1991.  Christine is a seasoned speaker and facilitator who has delivered talks and workshops on Strategic Planning, Design Thinking, and Data Visualization.  She lectures at Centennial College, OCADU, and Brainstation in Toronto on topics like Data, Hacktavism, Web Technologies, and User Experience Design.

Melissa Tuillio
Melissa Tuillio

Melissa is an experienced strategist, communicator, and facilitator, but is really a designer at heart. Her expertise draws from a balanced practice of using strategic foresight and human-centered design methods, and an intuitive ability to understand ecosystems to reimagine and create sustainable, useful programs for people. Working in the public sector as a strategic communications advisor for almost 10 years, she gained a systems-level understanding of some of the real challenges large organizations face when responding to rapidly changing, unpredictable conditions. She’s spent much of her career introducing innovative methods to policy makers by running workshops and training sessions, and experimenting with new stakeholder engagement approaches that provide more meaningful engagement and better program outcomes.

Calla Lee
Calla Lee

Calla has been working in marketing and brand strategy for the past six years, helping some of Canada’s top food brands grow their visibility and market share. As a Creative Director, Calla was involved in every stage of a project and managed a team of photographers, videographers, and content producers. By employing a user-centered research approach, Calla is able to develop solutions that truly work for the people within the system space to create meaningful and lasting experiences. Through facilitation and co-creative exercises, Calla is able to develop a deep understanding of different problems, triggers and systemic issues, and identify points of intervention and solution spaces.

Nenad Rava
Nenad Rava

Nenad (Ned) Rava has spent 20 years in international development, of which he spent 10 years as a consultant, advisor, expert, team leader and trainer/coach for governments, UN/UNDP, the World Bank, the EU, and bilateral and philanthropic development organization. He has provided support to more than 25 governments/public sector systems in areas primarily including democratic governance, strategic foresight, result-based management, strategic policy design, complex system change, institutional innovation, and learning and capacity development.

Nenad provides pro bono advisory services on our International Development projects.

Supported By

Jem Rosario
Jem Rosario
User Experience Designer

Jem is a seasoned Product and Project Manager who specializes in the user experience: Jem is relentless when it comes to representing the voice of the user.  Whether it’s content auditing, site mapping, wire framing, or user testing, Jem is on a mission to keep himself at the top of his game when it comes to User Experience.

Quinn Ferentzy
Quinn Ferentzy

Quinn is a recent graduate of the philosophy & women’s studies department at Trent University. Quinn has delivered workshops and papers on Queer identity and gender issues in Peterborough, Windsor, and Port Hope.  Quinn excels at research and writing, and has assisted on business development projects for clients like The Peer Project, The Landlord’s Self Help Centre, and CAMH.


"The world is increasingly confronted with complex societal challenges including poverty, crime, health issues, and an aging population. Better service design is one of the keys to improving how we address societal issues." Mieke van der Bijl-Brouwer, Faculty of Transdisciplinary Innovation, University of Technology Sydney, Australia


Digital Service Design

We take a human-centred approach to innovating digital service delivery.  Human-centred design starts with a deep understanding of the challenges your customers, employees, and communities share, in a discovery process that uncovers where your organizational goals and end-user needs intersect in the most desirable, feasible, and functional solution.

Strategy Development

We work with boards and leadership teams to position organizational strategy within the broader ecosystem of change and complexity.  We always approach strategy from a strategic foresight perspective, helping organizations to understand that there are multiple possible futures, and that we all play a role in shaping the future.  We help diverse stakeholders come to a shared vision of their preferred future, and codesign implementation plans that will get them there.

Coaching & Training

Training, workshops, or facilitated organizational learning: We build consensus and generate engagement and buy in, so that you can tap into your most valuable resource to drive innovation efforts: your employees, stakeholders, and communities.  Sustainable innovation comes from deep, internal cultural change inside “learning organizations”.

Areas of Expertise

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a way of approaching business problems from the outside-in.  Design Thinking is the foundation of all of the work we do, whether it be strategic business planning, innovation design, or shifting company culture.


We approach research from a foresight and scenario planning perspective: we are always scanning for signals and trends relevant to the future of innovation. We help organizations find their “Blue Ocean” through the use of foresight.


From Open Space-style facilitations of large groups, to user testing, to focus groups, we have experience in guiding groups towards consensus and solution.  We draw heavily on methodologies such as Liberating Structures, Gamestorming, and Sharpe’s Three Horizons.

Systems Thinking

Wicked problems need more than a design thinking process to solve; they require system literacy or “Systems Thinking”.  We take a systemic view on organizational issues whether we are looking at impact, innovation, or ecosystem-level design.

“Choosing to include everybody early in small and big decisions that will affect them is by far more productive than choosing to include everybody later when it is time for them to implement decisions from which they were excluded.” — Henri Lipmanowicz

Case Studies

Inspirations Studio: Social Enterprise Innovation Facilitation · Innovation · Strategy Development
Savings by Design Enbridge Gas Distribution: Savings By Design Interactive Kiosk Digital Product Design · Innovation · User Experience Design
CAMH: Strategic Content Audit Innovation · Strategy Development · User Research
Landlord’s Self Help Centre: Second Suites Digital Product Design · User Experience Design
Lucalex Digital Product Design · Innovation · Strategy Development
Pull: How Technology is Changing the Conversation Digital Product Design · Innovation · User Research
Shoppers Drug Mart: CSR Research Innovation · User Research
AgendaCamp Facilitation · Strategy Development · User Experience Design
MHHR mockup Enbridge Gas Distribution: My Home Health Record Digital Product Design · Innovation · User Experience Design · User Research
Owlkids Canada Digital Product Design · Facilitation · Strategy Development · User Experience Design · User Research Digital Product Design · Facilitation · Strategy Development · User Experience Design · User Research
CODE website design Council of Directors of Education: OSLP Digital Product Design · Strategy Development · User Experience Design
Kano Model of Functionalities The Association of Community Legal Clinics in Ontario Digital Product Design · Facilitation · User Experience Design · User Research
MarketingRebellionLogo The Marketing Rebellion Podcast Innovation · User Research
PWBBooklet Photographers Without Borders: Workshop Leader Facilitation
Camp to Benefit Wellspring Digital Product Design · Facilitation Digital Product Design · Innovation · Strategy Development
Loopy Logical: Learning Binary Innovation
Elyse Friedman Digital Product Design
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