How to frame your shot: when you’re shooting your own video, the first thing you will need is a decent tripod-or a hackeysack and a stack of books.  Steve Diguer (@TorontoPRJ) and Christine McGlade (@cmcglade) chat about things to keep in mind when you’re going solo on your Youtube content production, and focus in on how best to frame and setup your shot.

In Webmaster101, Christine and Steve are joined by Ryan Payne, Founder and CEO of Lush Concepts, to talk about Responsive Design.  What it is, why it matters, and how it has worked for client Ellie Tesher.



Check out Steve’s Magic Table:

Here’s how we skyped Ryan into the conversation.  Ryan is in the Big Blue bluetooth speaker Steve is holding in front of the microphone:




Here’s a couple of phone-appropriate tripods:

The ChargerCity looks good but DO NOT DO WHAT THEY SHOW IN THE PHOTO!!!  Turn your phone sideways or Steve will freak out.  Seriously.

Here’s a nice-looking Octopus stand tripod.