Video is one of the most compelling ways to tell the story of your organization and content market your business, and you are your business’ greatest asset.  But what if you don’t know how to translate your passion and knowledge into a comfortable and credible on-camera performance?

Steve Diguer, Christine McGlade, and Webmaster 101 guest John Goldstein share some handy insider tips on how you can make sure your videos are natural and professional.



This series, featuring a cast of pesky Hamsters, was directed by Steve and is a bit of a cult hit.  And Steve and I worked together on Snit Station, hosted by a human and a robot.

Have a peek at John’s work on his video series “Picture Perfect” on his Youtube channel, and some of his portraiture and video work on his website.

We chatted with John about using a teleprompter; here’s a couple of examples of ‘prompters that work with your ipad.  Little bit of trivia: we never used teleprompters on You Can’t Do That on TV, the producers feared it would make the kids sound wooden.  We got very good at memorizing our lines!