Consistency is key for content publishers: if you want to leverage the power of content to create a relationship of trust between your brand and your audience, users, or clients, be consistent!  This applies to the frequency or schedule you use to publish your stuff, as much as it does to the quality of your content.

In the first segment of Marketing Rebellion, Steve fills us in on the right microphone for the right recording situation.  If there is one very low cost way you can increase and enhance the quality of your content, whether it be a video, a podcast or audio feed, or even a webinar: use a good microphone!  Audio equipment is a relatively inexpensive investment compared to video, whether you buy or rent.  Learn how to use the right mic and deliver consistent, great quality audio every time.

In webmaster 101, Christine fills us in on the importance of having an editorial calendar to manage your publishing cycle.  This can be a simple colour-coded Google calendar, a whiteboard (or big piece of foamcore!), or an excel spreadsheet, but you need a structure and schedule to follow to ensure consistency in output.  This is important if you are a one-person publishing machine or if you are assigning different content publishing to employees or partners.  Newscred is a great source for lots of info and downloads on content marketing, content curation, and content management and Christine takes a brief look at their handy guide to editorial calendars.



When it comes to mic types, remember SCOLD: Studio: Condenser Or Location: Dynamic.

Condenser Vs. Dynamic Microphones

Steve's Condenser mic with pop filte

Steve’s Condenser mic with pop filter for all the spitting we do when talking. Eww.

If you’re looking to purchase a microphone, here’s a nice all in one solution.  You can even add a wind screen / Pop filter.

Have a look at the condenser mic we use for this podcast in our “studio” space.

Steve's handheld dynamic mic

Steve’s handheld dynamic mic, that he has clearly been using to bonk folks on the head with.

If you need a dynamic mic, there are a couple of options.  You can go for a lavalier mic, or a hand mic.  (And this is awkward.  Lav mics are actually listed as condender mics on amazon.  We don’t think it matters since they’re small and more close range anyway, but it certainly is true that lav mics are used both on location AND in studio situations cuz they’re fine little mics and they don’t show on camera.)

Here’s Steve’s handheld dynamic mic.  We are unsure how it got so dented.

Editorial Calendar Samples

Christines Editorial Calendar

When my Google calendar tells me it’s time to write, I turn to my giant foam core board to tell me what to write

A 3 X 4 piece of foam core make a great, portable whiteboard for those of us who work from home and may not have those giant rolling whiteboards handy.  Christine uses coloured sticky notes liberally on foam core to map out different content types, idea clusters, as well as specific campaign processes.

Christines Ed Cal for one camapign

Here’s how I might map out one campaign