What does Branding, Product development, and Lean Startup have in common?  Experience Design.  Whether you call them your audience, your users, or your customers, their experience and the evidence-based design of that experience is becoming a critical business function.  Join Christine McGlade as she chats with Jesse James Garrett about the experience design process, and what it takes to leverage the power of design methodologies for your brand, your product, or your business.



Here’s a visual on where experience design fits into business today.  It’s key!

User Experience Design is Key

User Experience Design is Key

In the first part of the podcast, Christine discusses Transmedia Storytelling.  The Transmedia project rolled out by Nine Inch Nails was called Year Zero, worth a look.  And have a look also at Pandemic, by Lance Weiler.

For more information on Jesse James Garrett and Adaptive Path, set aside a few hours and dig deep on their website, where you’ll find tons of fantastic UX resources.  Or, check out Jesse’s book “The Elements of User Experience: User-Centered Design for the Web and Beyond“.