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Owlkids Canada

Owl Kids Canada faced a critical communications challenge: declining readership in a stuttering magazine industry was making this once strong Canadian kids brand increasingly irrelevant.  Their social media strategy was confused, their website was old and almost impossible for their …

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 The redesign of the TVO.org website was a multi-year, inter departmental project.  The project involved multiple stakeholders, from the C-suite, to IT and business process, to the unions governing both technical staff and journalists.   The challenges we were addressing …

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CODE website design

Council of Directors of Education: OSLP

The Council of Directors will be, for the first time, rolling out an Ontario Summer Learning Program in every school board across Ontario, allowing children between the ages of 5 and 8 to enhance their literacy and numeracy skills in …

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Photographers Without Borders: Workshop Leader

Photographers without Borders approached us to deliver simple communications workshops to their staff, but upon further discussion with their Executive Director, it was clear that what was required was more than simple tips and tricks on how to use email …

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TVO faced a challenge when it came to promoting their educational children’s media: they knew that kids were learning from their videos and games having participated in numerous studies with the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, but they didn’t …

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Loopy Logical: Learning Binary

Learning Binary is a simple math and patterning game for children ages 5-7.  By counting the number of objects on cards, children will start to develop a mental model for binary (or base 2) counting and how it relates to …

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