Conferences are the new way that ideas get out there: they don’t just get disseminated, they get discussed, morphed, changed.  They grow, evolve, and get better.  There are two areas that I feel passionately about and I want to talk about them at SXSW in 2016:

1) Content, Context, and Consequences

In the world of push notifications and “frictionless” design, news content has become commoditized: what was once proprietary, is now generic. What we read is less important than who tells us to, and those “who’s” are clever algorithms, not the institutions we once collectively designed.

This change is profound for news. Can digital really help me understand what matters more, and what matters less?

Dan Dunsky thinks it can’t. In this atomized, personalized world, context, not content, needs to be king. Current digital media doesn’t deliver context.

I take a different view. The personalization-by-data train is unstoppable, and content needs to climb on.

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2) Education: How can we make it better? By leveraging Transmedia Teaching Tools!

Transmedia storytelling is an immersive media form that engages audiences in story worlds where narratives unfold across multiple platforms, with audience participation. Transmedia storytelling practices offer compelling tools to transform a flipped classroom into an immersive learning world.

In my SXSW Edu session I’ll look at the “rules” Transmedia producers use in their storytelling, and I’ll map them onto instructional design that can be used on both sides of the flip. I’ll walk through three unique ways that we have created a Transmedia learning experience for students, and leave participants with ideas and tools they can try right away in their classroom or elearning business.

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