Agendacamp was a multiyear, multi community initiative that endeavoured to engage communities across the province in open-space style roundtable discussion on the economic issues most  impacting their lives.  For TVO’s “The Agenda with Steve Paikin”, it was an attempt to get behind the headlines and political rhetoric often surrounding policy issues and local problems, and allow community members to have a voice in bringing the real issues not only to light, but give them a structured, facilitated process within which to forge ties and brainstorm local solutions.  


Agendacamp Participant, London ON

The primary methodologies used were Open Space, World Cafe, 3-12-3 Brainstorm, and Dotmocracy, allowing for maximum control in the hands and activities of the participants.  The goal was to build a space where ordinary people, officials and economic experts could come together to work on local or regional economic challenges.  The outcome: For the up-to 120 participants in London, Brockville, and Timmins we opened up a framework and designed a conversation space where strategic goals and objectives for the region could be developed with all interested parties at the table, and generated partnerships that continued long after the day-long event was over.