Gaming: from educational kids games, to games on live TV, to gamification in the military: Bing Gordon once said that game techniques and skills are going to be the foundation upon which all interactions will be based, someday very soon.  Christine McGlade  talks to Steve Diguer about his fabulous new job working in educational media at TVOkids, Ontario’s leader in educational games and video.  Listen in on a chat recorded at SXSW this past March with Bill Fischer, a game developer and founder of Quicksilver Software and CTO at startup Loarz Digital Entertainment.  Bill uses gaming, and game techniques in everything from education to military process design.  Kinda makes you wonder: what else can we gamify?



Learn more about gamification, often also called Gameful Design, by having a read of “For the Win”, by Wharton Business School profs Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter.   I first encountered their work when I took their fantastic gamification course on Coursera, which may not be currently running but definitely worth watching for.