Logo design used to be more fun: back when MTV was invented, and it was the only music video channel on the planet, they could have tons of fun with their logo, and make it work just as well on a grey t-shirt as on a white page.  Are the days of “messy” logos gone forever?  Steve talks about his experience with brand identity from inside a big media company, then in webmaster 101 Christine gives some tips and websites where you can get your logo designed real cheap, as long as you’re willing to write up a decent creative brief.



Here is a peek at Steve’s standing studio setup.  Nothing to do with logo design but cool:

Steve Standing Studio

Steve’s Standing Studio

Here are some of the online marketplaces that Christine has used to get creative work done in her business:

1) Odesk is good for developers; we have had an iOS app coded, called Learning Binary, through a vendor we met on Odesk.  Often the biggest challenge is project management of offshore talent, given some extreme time difference.

2) Fiverr is a good place to get quick jobs done but beware: the quality of work you will get for five dollars will usually be worth about five dollars.  We did get our logo designed on fiverr, and it was a great experience because we found a designer whose work was already in the range of styles that we were looking for and we gave the designer a detailed creative brief and lots of visual style references.

3) People per hour has been a great place for us for things like admin help, transcription, and infographics.  The prices are more realistic than fiverr.

4) 99 Designs and Elance are also great places to find talent but we haven’t used them yet!

For some fantastic, stunning logo inspiration, David Airey’s book and blog titled “Logo Design Love” is the best.  Airey also has a blog called “ID” where he posts case studies of brand identity design, it is filled with beautiful work and some background information on how it came about.  Finally, Airey has a blog where we found this fantastic “How to write a creative brief” article.

For a great “How-to” on DIY logo design courtesy of special guest Lucas Lemmonier, check out Marketing Rebellion episode 003

Look closely at the Fedex logo: see the arrow?

Fedex Logo

Fedex Logo

Leave a reply: what’s your favourite logo?  Where did your logo come from?