Clarity in your message: that can mean controlling the quality of the audio you produce or it can mean controlling the stories you tell about your business.  Listen in as Steve walks us through some of the best ways to make sure your sound is crystal clear.  In Webmaster 101, Christine is joined by Jason Reid (@rechargemymojo), who helps entrepreneurs and experts tell the story of the business in a structured, compelling signature talk that drives sales in an authentic way.  Jason has coined the very powerful phrase: “Humanity is the new Credibility”.


Here’s Steve’s DAW:

Steves Audio Processor

Steves Audio Processor

The Yamaha AG Series Look like great little mixers as well.

If you are looking for some help with your Signature Talk, Jason Reid can definitely set you up.  He has some great resources on his website and offers high quality training on speaking as a way to market your business and yourself as an expert.  Check him out at

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