The Association of Community Legal Clinics in Ontario is a geographically distributed group of legal clinics that address issues of poverty, homelessness, and employment equity to represent the most vulnerable members of our society in policy making. They need to share knowledge through an online wiki to avoid duplication of effort and ensure consistency in decision-making and practice across the province. We were engaged to perform a full usability (which included accessibility) and design audit of their wiki-based intranet to give them a design and development roadmap for improvements that would drive user engagement and allow more users to share knowledge.
ACLCO Reccommendation MatrixWe delivered two focus groups, a series of interviews, and one on one user testing sessions as well as a full content and design audit of their website. Our Kano modelling and analysis revealed that their site design and accessibility efforts weren’t meeting minimum legislated and user standards, and we recommended a series of Navigation and Design changes to address. Recommendations were delivered in extensive detail, providing them with a specification that could be given to their developers to implement.