Always be ready to work with what you’ve got-especially if there is an unfortunate equipment-dropping

Getting started with your own content production doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive.  Using your smartphone and taking advantage of the free resources available online are two ways to get started.

Steve gives some tips and tricks for how to make your iPhone work as your primary video camera when shooting your own content.  As Steve says, lighting and audio is probably more important than which camera you use, even though that is his most commonly asked question.

In Webmaster 101, Christine reviews a very handy ebook available for free at Ektron.com called “The 4 C’s of Content Marketing”.  According to Ektron, These 4 C’s are Content, Context, Channel and Community.  The ebook is part of a series available at Ektron.com.


Here are some iPhone mics that are cheap and worth checking out:

wired lav mic

And a boom mic option, if you plan on moving a lot

Bad Lighting

Steve sez: don’t shoot your subject with their back to a strong light source.

Good Lighting

Steve sez: always have the camera person stand with THEIR back to the window